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The Nobel Peace Laureate Project would appreciate your help in bringing the Nobel Peace Park to life. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and making a cash contribution, you can click on the Donate or Subscribe buttons located below. If you are interested in a more personalized contribution, consider purchasing a peace rock, paver, a memorial tree with paver, plaque honoring an American Nobel Laureate, or a larger legacy gift; please see the directed contribution options further down this page.


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Payment options


What Your Contribution Will Buy :

* 4” x 8” Paver in park entrance - $ 100
* 8” x 8” Paver by Kiosk - $ 200
* Plaque honoring a Nobel Laureate (D) $ 5000

(A) Purchase a Paver: Join your friends and neighbors in helping us Pave the Way for Peace! Pavers are 4” by 8” or 8” by 8” bricks that are placed in the kiosk entrance to the Nobel Peace Park. The smaller paver can have 3 lines of up to twenty characters per line. The larger pavers can have six lines of up to twenty characters per line. Download the mail-in Paver Order Form here.

B) Sponsor a Laureate Plaque: Select one of the remaining 24 Americans who have won the Nobel Peace Prize. You, your family, or your organization can contribute $5,000 for a plaque that will contain an image of the Peace Laureate and a description of what the Laureate did to merit the award. The name of the donor will appear at the bottom of the plaque that will be installed along the tree-lined Peace Path.

Available for Sponsorship:

Charles Dawes - 1925
Banker and later became Vice-President of the United States

* In-kind contributions could include such things as volunteering time to help construct the site, donations of concrete, rocks, dirt, equipment and/or other commodities needed for construction of the Peace Park. For information about in-kind contributions, click here to e-mail us.