Frequently Asked Questions :

How does the Peace Park complement and enhance the educational experience?

Field trips to the Peace Park significantly augment the curriculum and help provide a more complete educational package.

The Peace Park will have a kiosk and pillars with information on the Nobel Peace Laureates. In addition there will be a central alcove that will provide an area where the class can put on presentations about the Nobel Peace Prize winners and listen to lectures or watch skits about the Laureates.

Why locate in Eugene?

The Nobel Peace Laureate Peace Park will stand out in our community. People in Eugene, noted for diversity and community involvement, will adopt and take pride in the Peace Park, as will our entire region and state. As exemplified by favorite son Wayne Morse, Oregonians highly value and champion peace.

Why recognize just Peace Laureates from the United States?

This will be the first ever monument honoring as a group the achievements of our own internationally recognized Nobel Peace Laureates. All Peace Laureates deserve great prominence in their own country. Developing this monument for our 24 American winners is powerful representation of what peacemakers can accomplish.