The Peace Park:

The Peace Park is located just north of downtown Eugene, Oregon at the main entrance to Alton Baker Park.

It is hoped that those experiencing the Peace Path will be inspired to start their own personal path to peace.

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“Visions of Peace” gathered from children around the world in 2010 by Dr. Lura Pierce, former Board member and
2008 NPLP “Teacher of the Year” award winner.

“To live as one, but not in pieces” -- (Polina- age 13, Russia)

“Treating others the way you want to be treated” -- (Vanessa-age 6)

“If you give a little, you get a little” -- (Brianna-age 11)

“When every man can give his umbrella to another if it rains” -- (Sasha-age 13, Russia)

“All children will have ice cream for free” -- (Luke-age 7)

“When there will be no more racism in the world” -- (Nikiton-age 14, Russia)

“Happiness!!! True happiness!! Everyone has the right!” -- (Max-age 11)

“All children will have a home and be loved like I am” -- (Emily-age 11)

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