The Family Peace Day Festival August 17 in the Noble Peace Park was a success thanks to the many non-profits who spent Saturday sharing information and stories about their work with the public. Not only was the public impressed with you, so were the non-profits beside you! Many people shared how they had gotten to know representatives from a nearby table and how impressed they were with the work and dedication of those around them. KVAL had great coverage of the event and showed a number of non-profits' tables and volunteers.  

Thank you for spending time with the Nobel Peace Laureate Project members, with the public and with one another as we all continue to work toward a more educated, more involved, better equipped peaceful world. We sincerely hope to see you next year in our 3rd annual Family Peace Day Festival Event!

The Nobel Peace Laureate Project Board of Directors

Sheila Sundahl, President

Empower the voiceless to find their voices.

The Nobel Peace Laureate Project Board of Directors
cordially invites you to join them in the . . .

• The completion of the Nobel Peace Park and
recognition of our “Community Partners” who helped
make this “historic project” a reality.

• The creation of the NPLP's new peace education projects and
awards to help inspire future peacemaker of all ages.

• The maintaining of a legacy of peace education and the honoring of
our nation's internationally recognized peacemakers and
future US winners of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

Your generous assistance to us will have a
lasting impact for many years to come.

Visit the Peace park when you are in Eugene, Oregon.
The Peace Park is located just north of downtown Eugene,
at the main entrance to Alton Baker Park.

Mission Statement:

The Nobel Peace Laureate Project is a grass roots organization in Eugene, Oregon, with the goals of inspiring future peacemakers by honoring American winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and increasing the knowledge Americans have of their own internationally recognized peacemakers.

To increase the knowledge Americans have of the 24 American Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, curricula on these peacemakers and why they were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has been written for use in the elementary, middle, and high schools. These curricula are posted on this website. Go to Teach Peace section for more information.

To honor the 24 Americans who have won the Nobel Peace Prize and to augment and enhance the educational experience, efforts are underway to erect a Peace Park with plaques and information about the winners and to provide a space for quiet contemplation. Go to Peace Park section for more information.

For more information contact:

Nobel Peace Laureate Project
PO Box 21201
Eugene, OR 97402
United States of America