September 21 is International Peace Day.

You are invited to a quiet gathering that will be held at the American Nobel Laureate Park in Alton Baker. Meet from 3-4 in the Peace Park by the Duck Pond (beyond the restrooms) to celebrate teaching peace throughout our needy world. This event is the Finale to the Eugene City of Peace Week's worth of wonderful events
and is on the official designated world day of peace by the United Nations.

September 21st Events

• A meaningful time of peace education for adults, kids, families, and civic, school and church groups at the American Laureate Peace Park.

• Springfield Teacher JoAnne Allen and an Eleanor Roosevelt enactor(retired Bethel teacher Lura Pierce) will connect the songs and peace presentations in an orchestrated, but informal program. Expect to hear kids' visions of peace and songs from several sources and all three school districts.
Expect a reading of the kid-friendly International Declaration of Human Rights.
Expect to sing and experience a surprise or two!

• On the actual World Day of Peace as designated by the UN, the purpose is to emphasize the human right to peace. Through the support of peace education and hope for the future, our community will celebrate with the world.

If you want to prepare ahead of time, do two things:

1. Watch YouTube: "Pray for Peace" by Reba McEntire. Perhaps this song and the peace gestures will surface sometime in the hour of peace. Be prepared.

2. Spread the word in print. Invite friends to the event. Compose a tweet, use Evite, text the Mayors, call a neighbor, or send this blurb to other church/civic groups.




The Nobel Peace Laureate Project Board of Directors
cordially invites you to join them in the . . .

• The completion of the Nobel Peace Park and
recognition of our “Community Partners” who helped
make this “historic project” a reality.

• The creation of the NPLP's new peace education projects and
awards to help inspire future peacemaker of all ages.

• The maintaining of a legacy of peace education and the honoring of
our nation's internationally recognized peacemakers and
future US winners of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Peace Laureate Project's program
will be around for generations.
Your generous assistance to us will have a
lasting impact for many years to come.

We will be the first ever effort to honor as a group these American
internationally recognized peacemakers.


Visit the Peace park when you are in Eugene, Oregon. The Peace Park is located just north of downtown Eugene, at the main entrance to Alton Baker Park.



Contact us to find out how YOU can sponsor a plaque honoring a Nobel Peace Laureate. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged on the plaque so your grandchildren will be able to show their grandchildren what you did for peace.

As of this moment the following Nobel Laureates Plaque Sponsorships
are still available ($5,000 each).

Charles Dawes - 1925
Nicholas Murray Butler - 1931

For more information go to the Teach Peace section of this website.

Nobel Peace Laureate Project Facebook Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nobel-Laureate-Peace-Project/150549424750

Mission Statement:

The Nobel Peace Laureate Project is a grass roots organization in Eugene, Oregon, with the goals of inspiring future peacemakers by honoring American winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and increasing the knowledge Americans have of their own internationally recognized peacemakers.

To increase the knowledge Americans have of the 24 American Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, curricula on these peacemakers and why they were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has been written for use in the elementary, middle, and high schools. These curricula are posted on this website. Go to Teach Peace section for more information.

To honor the 24 Americans who have won the Nobel Peace Prize and to augment and enhance the educational experience, efforts are underway to erect a Peace Park with plaques and information about the winners and to provide a space for quiet contemplation. Go to Peace Park section for more information.

For more information contact:

Nobel Peace Laureate Project
PO Box 21201
Eugene, OR 97402
United States of America
Tel:  541-485-1604
Email: info@nobelpeacelaureates.org
Website:  http://www.nobelpeacelaureates.org